Selasa, 23 Oktober 2012

Genre: analytical exposition

General Function:
To persuade the reader or listener that something is in the case

General Structure:
Thesis – Argument Points – Reiteration
-    Thesis                            : Introduces the topic and indicates writer position.
-    Argument point             : The argument and elaboration.
-    Reiteration                    : Restates the writer position.

Significant Grammatical Features:
a.            Use of general nouns, abstract noun, technical verbs, relating verbs, action verbs, thinking verbs, modal verbs, and modal adverbs.
b.            Use of connectives
c.            Evaluative language
d.            Passive voices


Circuses Should Not Use Animals

Animals should not be used in circuses. The environment where they perform and their living conditions are usually inappropriate with them.
            Animals used in the circuses do not perform their natural environment. Tigers, for example, which naturally in wilderness and their preys, must perform trick on a narrow stage’s and spend their lifetime in small cage.
            Besides, the living conditions of the animals are poor. They live in such cramped conditions most of their time. They actually need plenty space to roam. They also do not have freedom to live with their own kind.
            Therefore, in the 21st century, it seems unnecessary and even cruel to confine wild animals and train them to do tricks for the public’s amusement.

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